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July  2014* Helter Skelter Show CANCELED

EXILIA's message for the their fans : 


Hi Tribe!
Unfortunately we have to announce that our show of saturday night (5.7.14) at Helter Skelter Fest has been canceled due to an unexpected technical issue that would not allow us and Deadlock to perform.

We are very sorry of that because we were enthusiastic to come back in Germany and finally meet our german family again, but something went wrong and we have to wait a little bit more.. but we think to be back VERY SOON! 

THANK YOU for your understanding and continued support .. 



With Love,


NOTE: all the pre-sold tickets will be refund by the respective selling points. For more informations, please check


sunday 12th,  the  preview of our  new  official photoset


Hey Guys!
Stay tuned with all EXILIA official channels to get all the new pictures from our last fabolous set!! Check down .. for you just a little taste .. ;)


with Love 



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OCT.12th 2014* NEW  pix out

Check the preview of our last photoset by bitterpill music


While getting ready for the New Upcoming Release, working on the album cover and booklet, grabbing the right vibe ... we are glad to let you have a look on our last photoset that was shooted two weeks ago in Milan by Bitterpill Music! Sure you glad the new wave ... :)



November 2014* ready to  master

mix  session  finished  @ noise  factory studio (Milan, it)


We are happy to announce that we finally finished the mix session of the NEW UPCOMING ALBUM. We want to thank the amazing Producer Alessio Camagni and the complete team of Noise Factory Studio in Milan (IT). Nothing counts more of the hard work you did and the deep passion you put in.. Thank you guys.




january 30th  2015*

exilia  reveal  title  and  cover  artwork  of  their  new  album.



The artwork was created by Gianni Corrado and, as Masha Mysmane explains "I was looking for something new, something that would complement the music that we've been working so hard on these last couple of years.
We are so excited about finally giving you guys a first look at our album cover and its title: ‘PURITY


The atmosphere of “PURITY” is perfectly captured by the Italian artist GianniCorrado, whose work I've admired for some time.

We wanted to come up with something that is a symbol of "purity" and in the end, we chose a simple little flower to which I'm very connected: the dandelion.I have a personal story that bonds me closely to this flower and I read the dandelion as a symbol of the beauty of life. A symbol to remind us to enjoy every moment we are blessed to have.
Dandelions stand for wishes coming true..The seeds' journey illustrates a time of closure with the past and a symbol of hope for starting something new.
When we blow on the puffball and its seeds drift away, we make a wish for something better.

Attaining a pure heart is what that I wish for everybody us..

I would like to end with a quote from Maya Angelou:
"Life is pure adventure and the sooner we realize that, the quicker we will be able to treat life as art." -EXILIA



APRIL 2015*

EXILIA live this week in UK and Switzerland.



While waiting June 2015 for the release of the lead single of our upcoming album "Purity", here are two important live appointments scheduled for this week:
We will hit the stage on Wednesday April the 15th in London playing at Fiddler's Elbow Club, Camden's legendary award-winning live music venue and on Saturday April 18th, at Gare de Lion club based in the city of Wil in Switzerland.
See you there guys! #EXILIA

MAY 2015*

ANNOUNCING  German   tour    in   june  2015.



We are heartily glad  to announce that we´ll be playing a few warm-up shows this June where we'll unveil new tracks from our upcoming album! Clubs are small so get your tickets early! -EXILIA